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I became an architect about twenty years after my kindergarten teacher told my mother that I was incapable of drawing. Thinking about it today, I think I was actually unable to stick to the rules: for me, colours, pencils, gauche and markers were tools at the service of my imagination, magical tools that could take me to totally unexpected places.


I did not like to write, but to draw. I did not like to read words, but to read figures. So after art school in Florence, I moved to Mendrisio to attend the Academy of Architecture, graduating with Professor Mario Botta.


Today I am a happy father and husband, never without a paintbrush in my hand and a sheet of paper to fill. I like to draw characters on the borderline between reality and fantasy, macabre subjects that meet colour and give my own vision of what art is: nothing that resembles what you already expect.


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Acrylics on wood panel
100 x 70 cm
800 CHF


The double, the constant struggle with themselves, the hidden side, life and death, contrast and so on. Everyone can recognise themselves as they wish in the painting, completing its meaning in their own way. There is no limit to the imagination, why reduce the meaning of a work to a single interpretation?


Acrylics on wood panel
60 x 60 cm
700 CHF


Skulls, simply an obsession! Who doesn't have any? 

Represented in a cheerful way, in a not entirely negative view of death.

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