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Adrienn Baris is a modern oil painter from Budapest, Hungary, currently living and working in Zurich, Switzerland. Originally a scientist, she realized her passion for art in 2021 when she learnt to paint by herself. After 10 years in her original career as a materials scientist, she decided to transition to a full-time painter by mid-2023 to fully focus on her passion and grow as an artist.


In her work, she is exploring a new, rather surrealistic world, yet implemented in a realistic manner. Adrienn's pieces explore and reflect on various philosophical ideas, spirituality, humanity' current social and environmental issues, and questioning reality as we perceive it.

Her artworks are created out of ideas and imagination, implementing deeper meaning on the canvas. Her work is passionate and colorful, with vibrant brushstrokes.




For me art is the ultimate human experience and medium, together with the languages and mathematics, because the ability to intentionally create is only gifted to self-conscious beings. Art is when we experience something and we filter it through our feelings, emotions, imaginations, and thoughts. And then, we give this filtered version back to the external world in some way. And this is exactly what I do. My pieces are based on a selected core idea or theme, which could be something deeply philosophical or spiritual, or a reflection of the current grand issues that humanity faces. In my art, I mix the real world with my own imagination, and I play with this shapeless precursor until it assimilates into something coherent. While each element of the painting is realistically implemented on the canvas, as a whole the art piece is dreamy and surreal. 


My process includes a mental visualization of the art I wish to create, which I then bring into physical reality with photo manipulation to create my own reference photograph, which acts as a rough guideline when I paint.


I use a limited oil paint palette and I mix a variety of energetic and passionate colors. I paint with dynamic and expressive, but also deliberate and calm, brushstrokes. 


I paint from the desire to visualize something that a camera cannot capture. I use art to communicate, to tell a story, to make people think, and to inspire them while taking them to an unusual, different world. I believe that art is a way to connect too; although one's art is deeply personal and is intrinsically unique to the individual, it is still inclusive because it essentially emerges from the same place. 


Although I feel that a painting can tell a whole story in itself, I created a YouTube channel ( where - among other things - I further discuss the ideas and topics which I am particularly enthusiastic about. 



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Soap Bubble Universe

Oil on canvas
70 x 140 cm
850 CHF


This painting is a reminder that how fantastic it is to own the power of consciousness, and the ability to feel united with everything, while keeping in mind how tiny and evanescent we are compared to the grandness of infinite space and time of this vast cosmos. 


This work reflects on the feeling of deep connection with the universe - the feeling that many people may have lost by now, and on the philosophical idea that through spiritual awakening we can find out that we are not only a part of the cosmos, but we are the universe experiencing itself. That there is no true separation of things, all such separations are apparent and temporary, just like the soap bubble that seemingly separates some air, for some time. I like to play with the thought that if our reality is merely an illusion, a product of our senses and our conceptual thinking, one could realize that we truly don't know anything about the world, and we could realize that life is not as serious as we thought it is... it could be just a child's play... So the only question remains, how big of a bubble can she blow?

Forever Lost?

Oil on canvas
60 x 70 cm
600 CHF


"Forever Lost?" was inspired by the many grand global issues that society is currently facing, and the feeling that we have lost control over the world’s processes. Individuals can feel that they are watching the world burning without having the power to act upon it and change the course of events. The question naturally comes that how can we cope with these feelings? The girl in the painting is starting the change with and within herself, trying to breathe when everything around her seems unbreathable, she is learning to be in peace within herself and live a life which causes the least possible harm or no harm to the environment. In the end of the day, the only thing that we can control is ourselves, the rest is and was always just an illusion. One can strive to become a better person, keeping high moral values and trying to reach higher level of consciousness. The dog represents the value of an honest and true companionship and its importance in our lives. Also, the simple desires and life of a dog are always good reminders that sometimes the small and simple things are enough to make us happy.

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