Application and information

About the VR/Online-Exhibition

Next exhibition: 18.-25. August 2023


Exhibition details for you as artists:
Date: August 18-25 (The exhibition will be online for one week). 

We will create a VR exhibition for you on the one hand and on the other hand we will present your works on our website in an online exhibition. How the VR exhibition will look like you can see here under this link:
Link to VR exhibition
This is a prototype exhibition created with a few works by me, Jana.

Secondly, we will present your works on the website and exhibit them online, along with a biography of you. You can see what that will look like in the PDF attached. We have created a prototype exhibition there as well.
Link to the online exhibition

Costs: The costs are calculated per work

  • For a place in the VR exhibition we charge 25 CHF per work. All works that are exhibited in the VR exhibition will also receive an entry on the website. 
  • For an entry on the website, without VR exhibition, we charge 15 CHF per work. 

How many artworks can I exhibit?
Basically, you can exhibit as many works as you want - whether VR or online. The principle here is: first come first served. The first to sign up for this will also receive the corresponding spaces.
The good thing is: If this offer is in demand, we will easily offer more VR/Online exhibitions.

Purchase, delivery - who takes over?
We offer on the website to contact us via a contact form to buy a work. After that, we will put you in touch with the potential customer. However, people also have the option to contact you directly through the website.
You will be responsible for the delivery of the works.

The exhibition will be online for one week.

Kunst im Labor or Golden Cube GmbH will advertise during this week on all channels, as well as in event calendars.

Clicking on a link is much easier than physically visiting an art fair.