About Kunst im Labor

Our Manifesto

The love for art and the exchange between artists and guests is the focus of Kunst im Labor. Our art fair is not profit-oriented, but people-oriented and serves to expand the network, as well as to promote and bring together artists, customers and people working in the field of art and culture. Sales within the art fair are secondary, but are not neglected. 
Kunst im Labor is committed to the artists and is always open to new ideas and concepts. The organization always has an open ear for artists* who need help in any form. Listening and storytelling is encouraged at Kunst im Labor and decency and respect for all involved is paramount. We are very committed to always creating a comfortable and open atmosphere and expect everyone involved to do the same. 

Love your neighbor (artist)

The love of art is the reason why we hold this art fair on a monthly basis. We want this love to spill over to all artists and guests through our event. The love for each other and the respect that comes with it is also very important to us. We are happy when friendships form within the art fair and people with the same interests find each other. 


In the lab we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. There is no right or wrong with us, only a wrong way to respond to the diversity of people. We will punish any misconduct by denying access. Let's love and accept each other the way we are!

Get out of the White Cube

The White Cube, a room with white walls and uniform, bright light, is the most common and well-known way to exhibit art. We have a different opinion. Art does not have to be displayed in front of white walls and bright light to be valuable. On the contrary. Laboratory 5 and its exciting and unique architecture, gives art a freshness and makes it approachable. To this end, we also reject the strict tradition that the White Cube entails. Away with art that is controlled by institutions.

Pictures by Katharina Moser.

Bild von Kunstwerken der Kunst im Labor Kunstmesse
Bild von Kunstwerken der Kunst im Labor Kunstmesse
Bild von Kunstwerken der Kunst im Labor Kunstmesse
Bild von Kunstwerken der Kunst im Labor Kunstmesse

The history

The history of Art in the Lab began in October 2022, when the first art fair took place. Since then, many things have changed, including the team, but the location and commitment remain the same.

The Team

Jana Benninger
Founder and Managing Director, Communication

Stefani Doycheva
Marketing and Social Media

Viktoria Kovatcheva
trampoline Art Magazine