Deine Kunstmesse in Zürich.

Your art fair in Zurich.

Die Kunstmesse vom 17. März findet nicht statt. 

Wir sehen uns im Juni wieder!

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Das Wichtigste für Gäste:

Nächste Kunstmesse: 16. Juni

  • 11 - 18 Uhr
  • Adresse: Labor5, Schiffbaustrasse 3, 8005 Zürich
  • Eintritt: 0 CHF / 5 CHF / 10 CHF - Du entscheidest wie viel du zahlen möchtest!
  • Für  Drinks und Snacks ist gesorgt
  • Hunde müssen draussen bleiben
  • Das OG ist rollstuhlgängig, der 2. Stock nicht

Important for visitors:

Next art fair: June 16th

  • 11am - 6pm
  • Location: Labor5, Schiffbaustrasse 3, 8005 Zürich
  • Entrance fee: 0 CHF / 5 CHF / 10 CHF - You decide how much you want to pay!
  • Drinks and snacks available
  • Dogs should stay outside
  • The 1st floor is accesible for wheelchairs, the upper floor is not
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In October 2022 the first exhibition of Kunst im Labor took place. I have initially founded this art fair together with Gayathri Albert. Meanwhile she has left the team to focus on her studies. We could have decided for a room with white walls. We could have decided for it taking place annually. We definitely could have decided differently on so many things. The art world should be ruled by us artists but it is not. It is ruled by institutions and they decide what art is and what it is not. It is a lottery and depends on them whether we make it as artists or not. Investors and auctionhouses decide the price of art. If you are buying a Gerhard Richter or Jeff Koons (for example) you are not actually paying for the art but for the name. You are most likely not buying it because you like the art - you buy it for prestige and status. Not many artists can live from their art because the institutions won't let them. As long as the "white cube tradition" exists this weird and twisted art world continues existing as well. Kunst im Labor takes place monthly and we strictly decide against the white cube. You may see it as some sort of rebellious act against the white-cube-institutions. Art can be everywhere and still be worth a lot. It's the art that decides the worth of it (sometimes a bit of subjectivity is added) but it is definitely NOT the institutions and NOT the artists' name. Let's get out of the white cube!

Standing together is always better than seeing others as competitors. At Kunst im Labor we don't tolerate discrimination in any kind of way. Neither do we foster competition and rivalry. We expect respect and love from everyone involved. Everyone is welcome and together we build the greatest art fair the world has ever seen!

Die Fotos auf unserer Website wurden von Fotograf Patrick Sorrilha gemacht.

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